Why these pages?

My great passion for sport cars - especially for Ferrari - comes from, I believe, the "genetics" of that 50% Emilia-Romagna's blood streaming in my veins. And since that February 5th 1967, when - only thirteen - I saw the black and white photo of those three Ferrari 330 P4 all together cutting the finish line of the 24h. Daytona racing. That day, I suddenly felt sportively proud of being an Italian "ferrarist".

Much later, towards 1979, I moved to Maranello due to job issues. There I lived until 1994. There, the Ferrari Myth is in the air; you can notice it daily in many little details. The faith in mechanics - and consequently in motors - is deeply set, and can be "read" on its people's faces, when they get close at the Fiorano's circuit anytime the Ferrari's are being tested. That passion is often relived when you get surpassed on the road by a Ferrari, or you see a mock-up prototype accelerating in the city's outskirts. Not to mention that occasion when, from the windows of my house, I saw Gilles Villeneuve's helicopter landing. Soon he would have made his Ferrari sing on the lane. These are feelings that accompany you for the rest of your life.

Model-Making, painting - and then collecting Ferrari's models, is, in part, a way to revive those moments each time. Due to this, I would like to dedicate this little Ferrarist space to all of you who - just like me - love red, and particularly to my wife, Paola, who had the chance to meet Eng. Enzo Ferrari himself in his historical office.

Silvano Ferri

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